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    WinInfo is a tool created to aid DJGPP programmers or any other Windows 95 or NT users who work with applications that use documentation in the GNU Info format. A defacto standard on UNIX systems, GNU Info readers for the Win32 platform are confined to DOS ports of UNIX utilities. WinInfo changes this by not only allowing Windows users to browser Info files in a standard windowed environment, but also to utitilize the advanced navigation and searching features of Windows Help and web browsers like Netscape Navigator. Like today's web browsers, it maintains a history of the nodes of the Info file that you visit and allows you to navigate through this history with a push of the Back or Forward button, instead of navigating through several nodes with the traditional features of the standalone info program that comes with DJGPP. Links are colored differently and underlined, instantly drawing your eye to them instead of scanning through long menus in the alternative. If you have used Windows Help for any period of time, then you no doubt appreciate its searching features. Even if a DOS program were to support the exact same type of search, the less clear display presents a problem in allowing you to take your mind off of the results presented to you and concentrate on finding what you're looking for. WinInfo duplicates the Contents, Index, and Find features of Windows Help. Select the Contents tab and you're presented with a hierarchical tree of the various topics found in the file. Click the Index tab for a complete list of all topics in a file which jumps to whichever node most closely matches the text you type into an area above it. Select Find to enter search text and have WinInfo return a list of words found in the document that contain that text. Choose which of the found words you are interested for a list of the nodes that contain those words and how many matches were found in each node.

  • Download WinInfo v0.15 - Now compiled with Visual Basic 5.0. Please, if you find any bugs in the program or have any comments, e-mail me about them.
  • Download Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Library - These files are necessary to run WinInfo v0.15. You most likely already have these files on your computer. To check, see if you have a file called "msvbvm50.dll" in your \windows\system directory.
  • Sample Info files - If you don't currently have any GNU Info files, then you can download these two .inf files for the DOS Info standalone reader to try the program out.

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