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I am never working on this again, and I haven't touched it since '98.

News-type thing: This project has been sort of redirected in a direction that should produce a C compiler that can target any platform with the appropriate plugin and will cause the development of a TI-8x C compiler per se to appear suspended. You can look at this horribly out of date page and download this works-for-simple-stuff-if-you're lucky version if you're bored and need something to do.

Download TCC v0.2b

(this link doesn't work anymore, but you can always go to the page to get it!)

Please download this beta version and try to write and compile a simple program or two. You could really help me out in the development process by e-mailing me a description of the results.

This is my current main programming project. It is, obviously, a C compiler for DOS. It will be fully ANSI C compatible in syntax, though the data type sizes will be smaller than the standard dictates due to the fact the the 8x calcs run on 8-bit Z80 processors. You create the usual C source file, feed it in to the compiler as you would with any DOS command line C compiler, it generates corresponding assembly code and assembles the code into the 86p ASM program format to send to your calculator over any link setup. Eventually, it will compile for 82's, 83's, and 85's as well. I have little-tested 85 support at the moment, in fact. As it will be full ANSI, it is superior to the various SmallC derivative 8x compilers out there. I am writing the compiler completely from scratch and I plan to have all of C's features that you know and love included. To recap the ANSI features that are missing from current 8x C compilers: (Some compilers that I am not aware of may implement some of these.)

  • All of your favorite simple data types: int, short, long, char, float, double, etc.
  • All of the pointer and array features of C
  • Structs, unions, and enums
  • Casts
  • Local variables

    Some general Good Things that are not especially unique:

  • Theoretical infinte function recursion, limited only by calc memory
  • Included library to allow you to easily access standard calcualtor ROM functions using standard ANSI functions and create graphical programs with easy to understand functions
  • Almost all operations are controlled by a readily-editable standard ASM library file, allowing for ASM coders around the net to each contribute optimized routines to be used in future versions, or just to edit their own file for personal use

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