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I see too deep and too far. Software Projects

xCode, an open source virtual machine and application extension system supporting network streaming. This ANSI C library and assorted development tools are no longer being updated, but they mostly work as is., a multi-site dynamic content generation system that may some day actually be chock full of sites related to computer programming

Who are you?

The American Version
I am a freshman attending the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science. I am planning to double major in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. I have substantial programming experience gleaned from my own diabolical machinations, and I have done professional e-commerce site development at Trifecta Technologies the past 3 summers. I have 10 years of martial arts training but have sort of let that go since I got to school. I always look both ways before crossing the street and always dot my i's and cross my t's.
The Schizoid Version
I am the Word that speaks Itself; I am the Eye that sees Itself.
The Truth
That would spoil the ending, wouldn't it?


One Son at a Time: Peter de Rosa

Christian Stange's Dostoevsky Research Station
Hermann Hesse Home Page
The Colin Wilson Page

SomethingAwful (be sure to check out the hosted sites!)
Pokey the Penguin (I feel a deep, spiritual kinship with this strip)
Gorilla Salad
Bob the Angry Flower
Goats: the Comic Strip
Toozeday Komix (not updated anymore, but plenty of old stuff)

If God does not exist, then anything is permitted.

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