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Ikonoklasm for Fun and Prophets Adam
Adam Chlipala, Bourgeois Ascetic
The greeting that keeps on greeting This is your standard personal home page. You can even get a quick summary of all I am in this paragraph. I'm a bizarre mix of eastern monk in tune with nature and rabid western businesscreature driven by the unending orders of his ego. I suppose it depends on the phase of the moon. I'll be a sophomore at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science in the 2001-2002 academic year for no real reason other than that that's the sort of thing white middle class kids do, and because of that strange idea assumed so recently that I need to get a high paying job to have a satisfying life. I'm interested in existentialism, the "paranormal," and more human-friendly political ideologies like anarchism, though I tend to like to avoid accepting things like "politics" and "economics" as anything but mass mental illnesses distracting people from their own problems. I have ten years of martial arts training. I've stopped any formal association with it now, but that sort of thing sticks around after that long in everything I do. I've been a hobbyist "hacker" for all of my remembered years. You can find plenty of nostalgic (for me) information on my history with software development below. Oh crumpets; I broke my record of starting sentences with "I". I'll be out of the narcissists' club in no time.
The Wonderful World of Coding Teen Programmers Unite: I'm currently still running this Internet organization for teenaged computer programmers, which was founded in the summer of 1996. Hopefully I'll be able to find motivated people in the proper age range to take over, as well as get more publicity for it! Originally I planned for this to be a general software dev resource site. I've not really done anything with it. The site has a few docs on the somewhat very clever dynamic web site system I made that runs and
xCode Virtual Machine System: A delightful software project that I spent a few years of my life on and I've released under the LGPL. I wouldn't recommend using it for anything serious, but it's still pretty derned cool. There are known errors. See the sentence two before this.
The Gallery of Days Gone By: Boy, are you in for a treat! I have here a little trip down memory lane of the memorable software projects I've undertaken over the years, most with source code and Windows binaries!
Other Software Dev Links TopCoder: You can win money and prestige (maybe?) participating in online head-to-head programming and bug-finding contests. There's a $100,000 grand prize round this fall, and the problems are generally much easier than those ACM things.
BrainBench: More ego stroking! These people mostly want you to pay to take online certification tests in various subjects. However, a few, like the C programming test, are free, and who needs anything else in life besides C programming, really?
Hypertext Annals Haha! A buzzword! Color me l33t! You can have a look at some old personal sites that I've had here before.

Not so old: the predecessor of this site, infamous for strange placement of text!
Hello, I'm a home page: older site last updated around new year's 1998, recovered from my old PC. Don't fret about bad links. All of the downloads are available here.
Aanigo Software Productions: a relic of the days when I still subscribed to two unsavory beliefs: First, I thought that a fellow needed to invent an inspiring name of a software "company" to release his stuff on the net. Second, I thought watching TV didn't make you an awful, awful beast, so I named this "company" after something I heard on The X-Files! This was last modified in early summer 1997.
Links to top-notch humor even a psycho could love! SomethingAwful: Generally the most consistent ha-ha per day ratio on the net!
Pokey the Penguin: This comic strip might beat out SA if it were updated more often, however.
Bob the Angry Flower: Some very good stuff here as well, though no more often than once a week.
Goats: The Comic String: I've been following this one since I randomly tried the URL.
Gorilla Salad: Gosh, another not oft updated treasure trove!
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