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ICQ UIN:489166
AIM name:PsionV
IRC:Smerdyakov on freenode, in #hprog, #hcoop, #tpu, #ocaml, #sml, #scheme


Getting a PhDIn Computer Science at Berkeley, focusing in programming languages and compilers
The Internet Hosting CooperativeInternet hosting run by its users
Dynamic web tools for SMLEverything you need to develop database-using dynamic web sites with Standard ML


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Alternative media

CounterPunchLeft-leaning newsletter
Everything2Hypertext jungle
kuro5hinEclectic articles chosen based on user voting, with discussions
WikipediaCollaborative encyclopedia
ZNetProgressive magazine


An Anarchist FAQSets the record straight on what anarchism is and more
The Underground History of American EducationMakes a strong case that modern American schooling has been developed willfully by commercial interests primarily to train obedient workers and consumers [summarizing article]
Participatory EconomicsAn economic system based on computer-aided planning of production and consumption

Vegetarianism (and veganism on good days)

About VeganismReasons not to consume animal products. I'm driven mostly by the environmental and health reasons.

Functional programming Hacker emblem

Why ML?I wrote almost all of this page outlining reasons for choosing Standard ML as your general purpose programming language of choice. (Actually, the reasons all apply to OCaml, too.)
San Francisco Bay Area ML SIG

Web comics

...that I read regularly today
Achewood Bob the Angry Flower
Overcompensating Perry Bible Fellowship
Scary Go Round WIGU
Boy on a Stick and Slither Lowbright
Pokey the Penguin Zebra Girl


Radio Paradise


Donnie Darko

Flash cartoons

Bitey Castle, Brian Mung, Broken Saints, College University, Dino Wax, Ebolaworld, Fat Pie, Freelens, Grampa's Boot, Homestar Runner, Loserville, John & Richie, Matt Gardner, Meatlockerstudios, Mishmash Media, Noise Rover, Phallic Moose, Revival Eyes, Rodrigo, Sakupen, S.A.M.V., Thinking Impaired, TLG Media, Tomorrow's Nobody, Waterman

Old projects (in reverse chronological order)

The Fellowship of Hobbyist ProgrammersAn Internet group that I started to bring together all who write software for enjoyment
CodeAppletAn educational system for collaboratively writing and testing code online
The 3D thingThe biggest application of xCode: a 3D graphical MUD
xCodeThe germ of my interests in programming language research; I developed this virtual machine system complete with C compiler during most of my high school years.
The Gallery of Days Gone ByA summary of my hobbyist programming up through high school
DevLocusA domain with a confusing history, going from all-purpose programming resource site, to content management system, to home for an informal hosting cooperative
Aanigo Software ProductionsAnother old site that I disown, from when I thought it was "hip" to make up a "company" for myself
TCCA (somewhat usable, but not really) C compiler for TI-8x graphing calculators
Teen Programmers UniteA group I belonged to and ran during most of my formative years


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